April 2, 2020

a. Takashi Homma’s Tokyo Suburbia is wrought with the uneasy banality of suburbia – one of manicured lawns, sterile facades and vacant dead ends.

April 1, 2020

a. “those goddamned stories with a beginning and an end.”

March 28, 2020

a. Murakami loves cigarettes. Writing about them so much must be like smoking by proxy for him.

March 27, 2020

a. Jason Fulford sounds like Edward Norton. A little anyway. Especially if close your eyes. I just listened to a talk of his and found myself thinking of one of Tyler Durden’s pensive, seductive monologues. Fulford and Durden both have the same measured theatrical tone. It’s as if it’s been practiced a thousand times. But has it been? I can’t quite tell. I like that.

b. Looking at Dear Bill Gates and thinking how perfectly precariousness and stability are balanced.